General Information


Prof. Dr. Cemalettin Dönmez

Degrees Conferred

BS in Civil Engineering
MS in Civil Engineering
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

Admission Requirements

The general requirements are stated in the “Regulations Governing Admission and Registration to the Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences in İzmir Institute of Technology”. However, the department may make modifications or allowances to these requirements.

Degree Requirements

A thesis is required for the MS degree. Continuous registration is required for all graduate students until the thesis is approved unless special permission from the Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences is obtained.
The required course load is 21 credits for MS degree. Department may enforce some courses to be mandatory.

Areas of Specialization

Structural Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Transportation Planning and Engineering

Research Topics

The Department of Civil Engineering offers the Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering. The mission of the Department is to carry out innovative research, offer globally competitive education, and disseminate scientific knowledge about the field. Main research areas are damage assessment and safety evaluation of existing structures, vibration characteristics of structures, structural control, structural stability, numerical concrete modeling, response of structures subjected to extreme loads, regional and economical planning, hydrodynamic processes in surface and subsurface flows, solute and chemical transport in surface and subsurface flows, stratified flows, application of artificial intelligence methods in hydrology and hydraulics, application of advanced field measurement techniques for surface flows, quantification of shoreline erosion in reservoirs, advance foundation design, ground improvement techniques, design and construction of highways, airports, and tunnels.