The Department of Civil Engineering offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy program. The general requirements for admission are stated in the “Regulations Governing Admission and Registration to the Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences in İzmir Institute of Technology”. However, the department may make modifications or allowances to these requirements.

For Turkish nationals, there are two application periods every year; one in June for admission in September, and one in December for admission in February. Application dates and further details about the procedure are announced at the IYTE webpage.

For information about the admission of foreign nationals, please refer to IYTE Office of International Relations.

Ph.D. Qualification Exams

Ph.D. Qualification exams are evaluated in three steps:

Undergraduate Level Exam

The student will answer 6 of the 12 questions asked from the following undergraduate-level courses *. From each course, two questions will be asked.

Students are required to get at least 50 points from this exam.

  • CE272: Fluid   Mechanics
  • CE241: Materials   Science
  • CE224: Mechanics   of Materials
  • CE361: Soil   Mechanics I
  • CE351: Introduction   to Transportation Engineering
  • Mathematics

Written Exam

The student is required to get at least 70 points from the written exam held in his/her doctoral field.

Oral Exam

The student is required to get at least 70 points from the oral exam held in his/her doctoral field.