Summer Practice

Dear Civil Engineering students,



For the 2022 – 2023 academic year summer practice (Internship) applications will be made online.

Students responsible to do the internship are required to arrange the ‘Internship Application Form’ together with the institution/organization where they will do the internship, and to take out the official holidays within the internship start/end dates.

The internship application form filled out by the institution/organization with a wet-ink signature, where the internship will be carried out, should be scanned and uploaded to the assignment section in the CE300 and CE400 Teams classes designated by the Department Internship Coordinator. The submission must then await approval of the dates and suitability by the coordinator.

Original of the approved ‘Internship Application Form’ with the wet-ink signature should be submitted to the Department Internship Coordinator.


The ‘Internship Application Form’ must be submitted to the Department Internship Coordinator for approval at least 20 days before the start of the internship.


   Students who want to do their CE300-CE400 internship must register for the course from the teams links below without wasting time (until 01.05.2023 at the latest).





CE300: (To be held after Construction Site Internship-2nd Grade) Teams Link: ccd85ff7



CE400: (Office Internship – after 3rd grade) Teams Link: 85ff7. )




Civil Engineering Department Internship Coordinator


Prof. Dr. Engin AKTAŞ