Summer Practice


Civil Engineering students are required to do two internships for a total of 40 working days at the end of the 4th and 6th semesters and document their knowledge by writing an Internship Book and Internship Result Report. It is preferable that the first internship is the internship on site and the internship is done after the 6th semester courses are given. The internship period is at least 20 working days per internship. Internship students can follow the steps below.


Please read the Principles of Internship Application.

  • Determine the company you will do your internship. Please fill out the Internship Application Form that you will download from the department website and print out.
  • Fill in the internship application form on the start and end dates of the internship, contact information of the company official, room registration number of the workplace supervisor (civil engineer) and the tax number of the company in consultation with the official, cachelet and sign.
  • Have the signed and photographed Internship Application Form approved by the Department Internship Coordinator. Take a copy of the Internship Application Form and leave the original document to the assistant responsible for the internship.


  • Write the Daily Report Page of each day separately during the internship and create your Internship Book. At the end of the internship, you should have the Daily Report Pages and any attachments annexed to your workplace supervisor (must be a civil engineer).

  • Prepare Internship Result Report in English Attach the Internship Evaluation Form with photos in front of the internship book.

  • Please complete the Internship Success Certificate and send it to the company representative to be sent to the department in a closed envelope.


  • Enroll in the CE300 or CE400 course in the fall semester.
  • Hand over the Internship Book and the Internship Result Report and the electronic copy of the two (as CD or DVD) to the assistant responsible for the internship during the fall semester.
  • Incomplete internship documents will not be accepted.
  • Internship Book and Internship Result Report will be evaluated by student consultants.