Summer Practice

Dear Civil Engineering Students,

The issues related to the summer internship to be held at the end of the 2023 -2024 semester are as follows:

It is necessary to arrange the ‘Internship Application Form’ with the institution/organization where they will do the internship to take action by taking out public holidays within the start/end dates of the internship.

The signed Internship Application Form filled out by the institutions/organizations where the internship will be performed will be delivered by hand to the Department Internship Coordinator to confirm the dates and eligibility.

The approved ‘Internship Application Form’ signed original should be sent to the Department Internship Coordinator.

The ‘Internship Application Form’ must be submitted to the Department Internship Coordinator for approval at least 20 days before the internship start date.

Students who want to do the CE300-CE400 internship must register for the course using the team codes announced via e-mail (until 01.05.2024 at the latest).

Department of Civil Engineering Internship Coordinator

Assoc. Prof.  Bergüzar ÖZBAHÇECİ  &  Assist. Prof. Volkan İŞBUĞA