Current Education Plan for Undergraduate Students Enrolled after the 2019-2020 Fall Semester
First SemesterPrerequisite ECTS
PHYS121General   Physics I(3+2)4 7
CHEM121General   Chemistry I(3+0)3 5
CHEM141General   Chemistry Lab(0+2)1 2
MATH145Calculus   for Engineering and Science I(4+2)5 7
CE101Introduction   to Civil Engineering(2+0)2 6
ENG101Development   of Reading and Writing Skills I(3+0)3 3
Total : 18 CreditsTotal: 30 ECTS
Second SemesterPrerequisiteECTS
MATH146Calculus   for Engineering and Science II(4+2)5 8
PHYS122General   Physics II(3+2)4 8
ENG102Development   of Reading and Writing Skills II(3+0)3 3
GCC101Career Planning And Development(2+0)0 2
CE102Technical   Drawing(2+2)3 5
CE221Engineering    Mechanics I: Statics(2+2)3MATH   1456
Total : 18 CreditsTotal: 30 ECTS
Third SemesterPrerequisiteECTS
MATH255Differential   Equations(4+0)4 6
CE224Mechanics   of Materials(2+2)3CE2215
CE231Engineering   Economy(3+0)3 3
CE241Materials   Science(2+2)3 4
CE203Engineering   Geology(2+2)3 4
CE205Statistical   Methods for Engineers(3+0)3 4
HIST201Principles   of Atatürk I(2+0)0 2
TURK201Turkish   Language I(2+0)0 2
TURK**203Turkish   for Foreigners I(2+0)0 2
HIST**203History   of Turkish Revolution I(2+0)0 2
** Yabancı uyruklu öğrenciler HIST 201 dersi   yerine HIST 203 dersini, TURK 201 dersi yerine TURK 203 dersini alacaklardır.
Total : 19 CreditsTotal: 30 ECTS
Fourth SemesterPrerequisiteECTS
MATH265Basic   Linear Algebra(3+0)3 4
CE204Engineering   Surveying(2+2)3 4
CE222Engineering    Mechanics II: Dynamics(3+0)3PHYS   1215
CE104Introduction   to Computer Programming(2+2)3 5
CE244Materials   of Construction(3+2)4 4
CE272Fluid   Mechanics(3+0)3 4
HIST202Principles   of Atatürk II(2+0)0 2
TURK202Turkish   Language II(2+0)0 2
TURK**204Yabancılar İçin   Türkçe II(2+0)0 2
HIST**204Türk Devrim Tarihi   II(2+0)0 2
** Yabancı uyruklu öğrenciler HIST 201 dersi   yerine HIST 203 dersini, TURK 201 dersi yerine TURK 203 dersini alacaklardır.
Total : 19 CreditsTotal: 30 ECTS
Fifth SemesterPrerequisiteECTS
CE301Numerical   Methods in Engineering(3+0)3MATH 145    and MATH 1463
CE361Soil   Mechanics I(3+2)4 5
CE371Hydromechanics(3+2)4CE   2724
CE321Introduction   to Structural Mechanics(3+0)3CE   2246
CE351Introduction   to Transportation Engineering(2+2)3 5
CE300Summer   Practice I(0+0)0 7
Total : 17 CreditsTotal: 30 ECTS
Sixth SemesterPrerequisiteECTS
CE362Foundation   Engineering I(3+0)3CE   3615
CE372Engineering   Hydrology(3+0)3 5
CE322Introduction   to Structural Analysis(3+0)3CE   2246
CE324Fundamentals   of Reinforced Concrete Design(3+0)3CE   2246
CE332Construction   Engineering and Management(3+0)3 5
  Non-Technical   Elective(3+0)3 3
Total : 18 CreditsTotal: 30 ECTS
Seventh SemesterPrerequisiteECTS
CE421Fundamentals   of Structural Steel Design(3+0)3CE   2244
CE471Water   Resources Engineering(3+0)3CE   3714
  Technical   Elective(3+0)3 5
  Technical   Elective(3+0)3 5
  Technical   Elective(3+0)3 5
CE400Summer   Practice II(0+0)0 7
Total : 15 CreditsTotal: 30 ECTS
Eighth SemesterPrerequisiteECTS
CE402Civil   Engineering Design(0+6)3 12
  Technical   Elective(3+0)3 5
  Technical   Elective(3+0)3 5
  Technical   Elective(3+0)3 5
  Non-Technical   Elective(3+0)3 3
Total : 15 CreditsTotal: 30 ECTS
Technical Elective Courses of each Brachs
Structural MechanicsPrerequisiteECTS
CE422*Structural Design: Concrete Structures(3+0)3CE 3245
CE423Introduction to Structural Dynamics(3+0)3CE 2225
CE424*Introduction to Earthquake Resistant Design(3+0)3 5
CE425Structural Analysis(3+0)3 5
CE426Theory of Matrix Structural Analysis(3+0)3CE 3015
CE428*Structural Design: Steel Structures(3+0)3CE 2245
CE429Computer Applications in Structural Engineering(3+0)3 5
CE430Reinforced Concrete(3+0)3CE 3245
Water Resources and HydraulicsPrerequisiteECTS
CE472 Computer Applications in Water Resources(3+0)3



CE473* Design of Water Distribution Systems (3+0)3CE 3715
CE474 Introduction to Groundwater Flow Modeling(3+0)3

CE 301

CE 372

CE475*Design of Hydraulic Structures(3+0)3

CE 371

CE 471

CE476Groundwater Monitoring and Assessment(3+0)3CE 3715
CE477Planning and Development of Hydropower Structures(3+0)3 5
CE478Introduction to GIS applications in Water Engineering(3+0)3 5
CE479Coastal Hydraulics(3+0)3 5
CE480*Design of Coastal Structures(3+0)3 5
CE482*Design of Coastal Protection Structures(3+0)3CE 4795
Materials of ConstructionPrerequisiteECTS
CE441Concrete Technology(3+0)3 5
CE442*Construction Materials Design(2+2)3 5
CE443Introduction to Historical Construction Materials(3+0)3 5
Transportation PrerequisiteECTS
CE451Planning and Analysis of Transportation Systems (3+0)3CE  3515
CE452*Highway and Airport Pavement Materials(3+0)3CE  3515
CE453*Highway, Railway, Port and Airport Design(3+0)3CE 3515
CE454Traffic Engineering(3+0)3 5
CE461Soil Mechanics II(2+2)3CE   3615
CE462Introduction to Soil Dynamics(3+0)3CE 3615
CE463Foundation Engineering II(3+0)3CE 3625
CE464*Soil Modeling and Computational Soil Mechanics (3+0)3

CE 301

CE 361


* Design Elective Courses

Arrangements for Technical Elective Courses

  1. In the seventh semester, the student chooses Geotechnics, Building Materials, Transportation, Water Resources and Hydraulics or Structural Mechanics.
  2. At least five of the six technical elective courses must be taken from the courses related to all the fields mentioned in Article 1. In this regard, with the approval of the advisor, at most one technical elective course may be selected from a different faculty, department, or program — outside the Civil Engineering Undergraduate program.
  3. At least two of the technical elective courses must be taken from the selected field, and at least one of these courses must be a design course.
  4. At least two of the technical elective courses must be design courses.
  5. In order to register for the CE 402 course, at least one technical elective design course must be achieved from the selected field.
  6. The subject of the design project carried out within the scope of CE 402 should be determined from the selected area.