10th Coastal Engineering Symposium

Our Coastal Engineering Group participated in the 10th Coastal Engineering Symposium held in Izmir on November 16–17, organized by the Chamber of Civil Engineers. The symposium, chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bergüzar Özbahçeci, with the participation of Assistant Prof. Dr. Doğan Kısacık, Research Assistant Elif Girgin, and Research Assistant Kadir Aktaş in the organizing committee, focused on the theme “What to Expect in Coastal and Marine Engineering as We Enter the Second Century of Our Republic.”. During the symposium, the latest developments in coastal and marine engineering were shared. Dr. Doğan Kısacık presented his study titled “Resilience of Coastal Protection Structures and Coastal Areas of Izmir Bay to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise” in a special session dedicated to Izmir Bay. Our research assistants Elif Girgin and Nisa Bahadıroğlu also presented their papers during the event. Ph.D. student Hilal Çelik and master’s students Onur Deniz Türkseven and Semih Can participated with oral presentations, while master’s students İlay Develi, Oğulcan Taşoluk, Sercan Civelek, and Cem Ali Sağır contributed to the conference with poster presentations. In the Ideathon competition held for the first time at the 10th Coastal Engineering Symposium, our fourth-year students, Atilla Baran Mungan, Beyza Nur Sönmez, and Yağız Erbay, achieved first place with their presentations.